I must not sully you with my filthy hands.

Spent like 2 hrs of my time looking at Attack on Titan stuff. Need to get my college shit done.




"Nope", the anime.

Based on that hilarious text post.

I would watch the absolute shit out of this anime




Wow Tumblr Pro is pretty damn great.

So there’s this girl I’m sorta (ok. Very) interested in. She’s really cute, my type in the looks department. She is pretty childish and playful from what I’ve seen, and she is also doing the same major. Problem is that she is always surrounded by at least 3 male engineers at a time. She is already out of my league and these guys are also all engineers so they’re either, smart charismatic and good looking or a combination of all. I just can’t stop thinking about her…



Why, yes I do, thank you for asking.